Since bartending has become somewhat a choice career for many people, interest in How to become a bartender has piqued. Compared to decades ago, when bartending was a side job for many, we now see people becoming bartenders as a choice of career. The truth is, with this tilt towards the profession, bartending has become a highly fulfilling and rewarding job. This has brought up the question of “how to become a bartender?” amongst many people.

If you have developed an interest in taking on a career in bartending and you do not know where to start from, we hope to help you out with this article. However, you should be aware that bartending requires working odd hours, being nice and full of smiles to rude and insolent customers as well as multitasking at all times throughout your shift. This sounds challenging, but there really isn’t any job out there without its challenges. Therefore, to find out how to become a bartender, keep reading this article.

Satisfy the minimum requirements for the job

You must have attained the minimum required age to work as a bartender in your location.

In some places, the minimum age is 18 while in some others, it is 21. Before applying to bartending jobs or enrolling in a bartending school, make sure you check out the minimum age requirements in your country or state to confirm if you are qualified.

Take the required relevant courses

Usually, before you can work as a bartender, you must have taken and passed a course on alcohol sale. This is compulsory whether you attend a bartending school or not. You must be licensed to sell alcohol. Other things that you will learn in this course include how to spot fake IDs, now to identify intoxicated patrons, how to test for Alcohol levels, everything about serving minors, etc.

Bartending School can come in handy

The truth is, not every bartending Jon requires a bartending school certification, but it does not hurt to have one. When the competition for a job position becomes stiff, your certificate from a bartending school could be the distinguishing factor. Some establishments also make it mandatory for their bartenders to have attended bartending school before their employment. By attending a bartending school, you get prepared professionally for the job, learn the basics of serving drinks, you learn about various types of spirits, wine and alcohol, interact with other like minds who want to become bartenders too and create your own network in the process.
You can choose not to go to bartending school if it is not a requirement in your state or at the establishments you want to work. But in cases where professional certification pays experience is required, your bartending school certification could land you the job.

Gain some experience by working as a barback or waiter

Some establishments take experience as top priority over anything else when hiring bartenders. If you intend to work at one of those, you should consider gaining some bar experience first before applying for bartending jobs. Working as either a barback or waiter exposes you to the nitty-gritty of bartending as you assist the bartender. Part of your job includes serving drinks to the patrons in the bar.
You must, however, ensure that you put in quality work so that you can get promoted within a short time or even get recommended for employment in other establishments.


Make your resume simple and straightforward

Often, when you submit your resume, the hiring manager only takes a glance at it to check out for the important details. Making your resume simple and straight to the point helps the hiring manager see the most important qualifications that you have.

Submit your application with your resume

You can apply for job openings at various establishments, including restaurants, hotels, casinos, pubs, clubs, and bars. Watch out for job openings and apply. Check local job listings for available jobs that fit your qualifications.

Attend interviews

If your application gets considered for employment, you will have to go for an interview before you are hired. Make sure you dress properly and get to the interview venue early. Present yourself as someone who is passionate about bartending and make sure you showcase your knowledge about the profession. Be direct and honest with your answers. Nervousness is inevitable, but keep it in check by staying calm.


Bartending looks like a fun job that involves just serving drinks in an establishment where people are having fun. Many people are not aware that this job is mentally and physically tasking. It is highly demanding, and it requires special skills to be successful at it. Acquire all the necessary skills that a bartender needs and be prepared to work under pressure at all times.

You should possess excellent people skills.

As a bartender, you must be able to relate with people and make them feel comfortable as well as entertained every time they walk into your bar.

You should have excellent memory and sales skills.

The job requires you to know hundreds of drinks and cocktail recipes by heart. You must also be able to remember what the people in the bar requested. You should have a good memory enough to recognize the regular patrons of the bar, and you should be able to give them their regular even without them placing an order. This makes them feel important.

You should be able to handle intoxicated patrons and guests.

Part of your alcohol sale course is where you learn how to identify intoxicated customers and knowing when to stop serving them alcohol. Take note of these customers and help them call a cab so that they do not drive intoxicated and cause an accident or mishap. If a drunk customer gets rude or violent, you should be able to calm things down and restore orderliness in the bar.

Keep improving

Learning never stops. And as a bartender, new recipes get discovered every day. You have to be updated about these new recipes and the drinks that people are enjoying at a particular time.


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